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BOWA Studios begins with a pre-production process clarifying all of your needs. We ask questions, listen, evaluate, and then produce a customized video solution, which directly connects you to your target audience.


PRE-PRODUCTION: Need a script written or pre-production planning for your project? Just give us a call! We can provide script writing services and consulting services for your video program. This pre-production step is the vital link between what you imagine your video to be and what it actually becomes — an effective, memorable production!

VIDEO PRODUCTION: We provide video production services for a variety of applications. On the corporate or commercial side, we can produce excellent videos of business meetings and seminars, training sessions, sales presentations, and other events. On the consumer side, we can produce videos of events and other special events, such as product launches, conferences, promotions, award ceremonies, etc. We use digital video cameras, professional audio equipment, and a digital editing system to produce spectacular projects for you!

VIDEO EDITING: After videotaping is completed, the next step is to edit the raw footage into a professional, effective video program. We use a computerized non-linear editing system that gives us tremendous flexibility and spectacular special effects, such as wipes, dissolves, freeze frames, split screens, slow and fast motion, voiceovers, and sound effects editing. Our specialty is making your video program look great, no matter what the subject!


Our team takes you through our 5-Step Signature Process that includes:

1. Conceptualization & Content Development Our team interviews you to create a story line for your video that hooks your audience. Our story line will also be influenced by the marketing goals of your video and the action you want to inspire your audience to take.

2. On-Camera and Performance Coaching During our shoot, you will receive on-camera coaching to ensure that you convey confidence and credibility on camera and establish an emotional connection with your audience.

3. The Filming Day: You will be given a video shoot day with our professional team.

4. Visual Branding: Our editors ensure that your visual brand (color palette, graphics, logo) is reflected in your video.

5. Masterful Marketing: Once the video is completed, we discuss how you can leverage your video for ultimate online success.

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