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Your brand is a company asset that must be invested in, protected and nurtured to maximize its long-term value to your company. Nothing touches the customer more than how he or she perceives your corporate image. This fundamental perception is often the major factor that determines whether the customer will decide to conduct business with you and, more importantly, enter into a long-term and mutually rewarding relationship with your organization.

With over two decades of Brand Strategizing and Conceptual Development experience, BOWA Studios will help you develop a brand that will not only speak to you, but also to your potential clients, ultimately affecting your bottom line in a positive way. We will also provide you with a brand guidelines book, to ensure that your brand is consistent across all of your marketing materials.


Technology is reshaping human society in ways we never imagined, and in today’s high-speed business channels, properly branding and marketing to your audience online can be difficult. Your goal at every step of the sales process is to stay connected and leave a lasting impact for your brand. Creating content that is relevant to each user’s brand experience requires a unique understanding of consumers’ motivations.

At BOWA Studios, we will help make your brand consistent across all social media platforms, websites, videos, and all other productions.


You’re Business IS INVISIBLE without a Website and your Website is NOT Optimized or effective WITHOUT VIDEO! 98% of YOUR CUSTOMERS are watching Videos Online EVERY DAY! Are they watching yours? The demand for instructional and online video content is growing exponentially! The competition is also growing! Viewer attention is now measured in SECONDS, not minutes!

Is your company meeting this tremendous DEMAND for compelling corporate videos?

BOWA Studios’ experienced corporate video production team can craft a unique, powerful, high-quality message that tells your story and keeps your customer engaged.


Marketing and Promotional Videos: No “cookie cutter” junk allowed. Each client is unique. BOWA Studios custom targeted corporate videos bring your brand to life, captivate your audience, and increase sales and call-to-action ratios.

Training and Orientation Videos: Our goal is to create training videos that train and entertain. Our producers immerse themselves in your work environment, staff and business space to deliver the very best in custom video production.

Consumer Educational, How-to Videos: Potential customers, searching for a solution to their problem will find the answer in your brand. Educational corporate videos also reduce customer service expense and increase their satisfaction by demonstrating how your product or service works.

Conference and Exhibition Promotional Videos: We’ll help market your product or service in a way that’s eye-catching, educational and unforgettable.

Customer Success Stories, Testimonials, and Interviews: Nothing adds credibility and brand loyalty to your business quite like a promotional video featuring customers extolling the virtues of your products or services. Customers LISTEN to other customers!

Reality Show Production: Have an idea for a Reality Show? Want to get a Pilot Shot? We can turn your idea into a fully edited HD reality show and help you shop it around to networks. We are a Reality Show Production Crew for hire. We handle all of your pre-production to post-production needs.


• Product Launches
• Software Tutorials
• Video Press Releases
• Recruiting Videos
• Staff Presentations

• Email Videos for “Eblasts”
• Customer Testimonials
• Company Lobby Video
• Short Documentaries
• Public Awareness Videos

• Award Ceremonies
• Professional Development
• Tradeshow Media
• Corporate Overview


BOWA Studios works with major brands, corporations, PR, marketing and media planning firms, advertising agencies, brand management companies and even small businesses that need a big presence. From major brand campaigns to product pitches and small business presentations, BOWA Studios has delivered results for companies big and small alike. See Reel samples for yourself.

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Sample Promo Video

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