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A video biography is more than a presentation; it is a timeless acknowledgment of life that will take your customized multimedia productions to the next level, resulting in a truly distinctive showcase. Prospects love videos, because they are entertaining, engaging, easy to digest and highly shareable.

WHOgoSocial Videos come in Multiple Formats:

Highlight is a 2-3 minutes video to highlight your talents & business
Bizography is a 3-5 minute video telling the story on you & your business
Spotlights are 15-second video clips to share on social media


“Online video today is what T.V. was a couple of years after it came onto the scene,” said Brent Weinstein, Head of Digital Media at United Talent Agency.

In just four years, video will make up 90% of the world’s Internet traffic. Everyone will be informing, consuming, sharing and buying in video. Not in text, or picture…but video!1

A new study by the Web Video Marketing Council has revealed that 81% of businesses are producing videos for their websites and among these new videos, animated videos are the most popular. According to 400 US-based marketing professionals, 80% of companies are producing 2 or more online videos per month.2

Explainer videos boost SEO rates substantially, making video-based landing pages 50 times more likely to rise in ranking on Google and obtain a 41% higher click-through-rate than plain text (ReelSEO). Also people are 64% more likely to act after watching a video, whether it’s clicking, buying or subscribing (TMG).3

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Specialty Company Highlight

Chiropractor Practice Bizography

Real Estate Company Highlight


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